Previous Studies

Below are helpful publications and research studies on A.T. technology.

Real-Time Analysis of Kinematics during Manual Wheelchair Propulsion

Date: 8/15/2018
Principal Researchers: Dr. Cathy Bodine Others Involved: Dr. Morris Huang

Wrist-worn activity trackers have become a common technology used in our everyday life.; Hhowever, they have not yet been adapted to provide feedback to manual wheelchair users to reduce pain and improve efficiency. This is a problem that needs addressing as ~70% of wheelchair users report having experienced upper-limb joint pain as a result of using their manual wheelchair. This project involvesis solving this problem by developing a custom wrist-worn device that monitors propulsion kinematics, such as push patterns, and then uses biomechanics to identify patterns associated with pain. This information, provided real-time to manual wheelchair users, has the ability to provide training and feedback that could help reduce upper-limb pain in manual wheelchair users.


Research at the Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering to learn more about Socially Assistive Robots

Fuzzy blue AT social robot.

The Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering, is investigating the impact Socially Assistive Robotics has on motor communication and cognitive skills of children with disabilities.

Additional Research

Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering (CIDE)

CU Denver

The Hub, Bioengineering

1224 5th Street

Suite 130

Denver, CO 80204


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