AT is one of 15 allowable services in early intervention (EI). Therefore, it needs to be considered early on in the IFSP process and documented on the IFSP. AT services are provided at no cost to families who are receiving Part C EI services.



The Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering collaborates on an ongoing basis with Early Intervention Colorado of the Colorado Department of Human Services to assure sure high quality AT services are delivered statewide to children who need them. 

therapist using a tablet with a little girl


Any EI provider can deliver AT services depending on their training and skills, and the needs of the child and family.

Colorado also utilizes a network of AT consultants across the state to improve the delivery of AT services through consultation, provision of resources and access to the statewide loan library. They can also refer to providers with advanced skills and knowledge in specific areas of AT. Contact us to find your local EI provider today!



Funding for AT devices follows the Colorado State funding hierarchy, but can vary based on each Community Centered Board’s available resources and policies, and the type of AT being funded. 


For Providers

Early intervention providers are key to the successful provision of AT services for young children. Research shows that by and large, for numerous reasons, AT services in early intervention are being underutilized. This page will get you started with a better understanding of best practice in the provision of AT services, and what opportunities are available to you as an EI provider. Be sure to check out the Resources link on this website as well.