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Usability services targeted towards individuals with disabilities

User Experience Research Matters

There are 57,000,000 people with disabilities in the United States. They want to use your products.


Our accessibility expertise will help you design them so they can.

Our usability expertise will help you design them so they will. 


We understand disability - We do accessibility and usability.

As a leader in the field of product testing for persons with disabilities, the Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering helps businesses acquire data on product usability for people with disabilities or those who are aging that is:

  • statistically sound
  • design relevant
  • actionable

We are unique as an organization in our capacity to provide experience, skills, and appropriate testing populations and methods to support your UX research needs around users with disabilities.   Experienced and competent in gathering user experience insights through multiple modalities, we will work with you to select the most appropriate method – or combination of methods – to fit your organization’s assessment needs and budget.

We can work with your existing UX team (whether internal or external), or directly with your product development team to provide you the relevant, dependable insights you need to make your products accessible, usable, and appealing to people with disabilities and those aging into disability.

flow-chart of usability from company to product

Our UX Research Services

Our Philosophy

Each business, product, and concept is unique, and each needs a specialized approach to understand its market viability for people with disabilities and the elderly. We strive to improve the success of a product so it has a positive and significant impact on both the business and end user.

Our Team

Our team is made up of highly qualified experts with decades of experience in product usability testing and analysis. Our clients are always considered an essential part of the team and success would not be possible without them.

Our Impact

Through our partnership with businesses, we are able to assist in making them leaders in creating accessible products which opens their market to millions of individuals living with a disability. This not only can improve a business’ bottom line, but expands the availability of usable products for people with disabilities.

Our User Experience Testing services offers two approaches to evaluate the experience of a person with a disability interacting with a client’s product - focus groups and one-on-one UI/UX product testing. Our focus groups give clients top-level needs and perspectives of a group of users with disabilities regarding a product while product testing is a one-on-one, physical interaction with the product using specialized test cases. Both provide valuable data that is essential to development in various phases of the design.

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Have a Disability?

We need people with disabilities and the care givers to provide their input on new products.

Facts and Figures on A.T. Technology 

$55 Billion

is the US market share for assistive technologies due largely to shifting demographics and aging

2.1 Billion

is the estimated global population of individuals aged >60 by 2050

83% Improvement

“The average business metrics improvement (key performance indicators) after a usability redesign is now 83%. …return on investment (ROI) remains high because usability is still cheap relative to gain.”

15% of the population

live with some form of disability with 2-4% experiencing significant difficulties in function

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