Statewide AT Consultants

Resources provided by Colorado Part C Early Intervention (EI) that few, if any other state EI programs offer.

Through a collaborative effort between the Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering and Early Intervention Colorado, a number of EI professionals throughout Colorado have participated in specialized training in order to become Early Intervention Assistive Technology (AT) Consultants. They are an extremely valuable resource for all EI professionals and programs in the state serving children who are eligible for Part C services. EI AT Consultants act as a local resource for the EI program in their community in a number of ways including:

  • Evaluating the assistive technology needs of the children they serve
  • Assuring proper delivery and documentation of AT services
  • Providing access for other providers to the state AT loan library
  • Identifying AT resources for families and EI professionals
  • Raising awareness and understanding of AT in EI

Contact us to find out more about EI AT Consultants in your area. Please take advantage of this valuable resource if you are an EI professional or a family of a child receiving EI services who you think may benefit from assistive technology.

Mom holding and smiling at toddler with disability.

Interested in becoming an AT Consultant in early intervention in Colorado?

The following links will provide you with more in depth information.

Watch our 5 minute tutorial video on how to become an EI AT Consultant in Colorado:

Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering (CIDE)

CU Denver

The Hub, Bioengineering

1224 5th Street

Suite 130

Denver, CO 80204


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