Tech Trade for Tykes: Assistive Technology Exchange for Part C Programs in Colorado

Empowering Local EI Programs to support Part C Children and Families through Collaborative Giving and Resource Sharing

Welcome to Tech Trade for Tykes, your online hub for facilitating the exchange of assistive technology (AT) within the Part C community in Colorado! We aim to bridge the gap between Local EI Programs, enabling the efficient and cost-effective reuse of valuable AT resources that were purchased with state funds and need to remain in the Part C system after a child ages out.

Tech Trade for Tykes is a free, online exchange platform dedicated to Local EI Programs in Colorado. We connect programs who have gently used AT that was purchased with state funds with other programs whose providers can benefit from using them. This collaborative approach promotes sustainability, accessibility, and affordability of essential tools for young children with disabilities and their families.

AT that is exchanged through Tech Trade for Tykes is not intended to be the permanent property of the family nor the Part C provider working with the child. Since it is only for AT purchased with state funds, the equipment must stay in the Part C system when the child ages out of Part C, but it can be used by another family by reposting on Tech Trade for Tykes.

To exchange AT that was purchased with funds besides state funds and is eligible for families or EI providers to keep, please visit the CIDE Assistive Technology Exchange.

Who can participate?

The online tool is available to Colorado Local EI Programs who collaborate with CIDE's Tech for Tykes early intervention program. Since all AT that is exchanged in Tech Trade for Tykes must remain in the Part C system, only Local EI Program managers who oversee their region’s AT program will have access to Tech Trade for Tykes.

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Additional Tech for Tykes Resources

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