Digital Literacy

A Curriculum for Colorado Medicaid Members

Project Overview

The Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering is pioneering a digital literacy curriculum to empower individuals receiving Medicaid long-term services and support. The materials focus on foundational skills, access to online healthcare resources and promoting digital equity. The iPad-based was delivered to pilot program participants by actively engaged digital literacy coaches. 

You can learn more about how the digital divide impacts people with disabilities in Colorado by reading our literature review. 

Program participants holding up iPads

Our Purpose

While the digital world and technological innovations continue to rapidly advance, there are still many hurdles that people with disabilities face when it comes to the successful utilization of information and communication technologies. By addressing these issues, we can create equal opportunities for everyone, with or without disabilities, and make the benefits of modern technology more accessible to all. 

Project Milestones

Literature Analysis

After an extensive literature review, our team delivered a stakeholder engagement survey and conducted interviews with subject matter experts.

Instructional Design

Using our analysis, we created digital literacy modules that align with field research and created storyboards to map instructional content, activities, and evaluations to each module.

Curriculum Development

We developed accessible instructional content for each module and created wrap-around materials for digital literacy coaches.

Conduct a Pilot Project

Conduct a pilot project of the curriculum with up to 30 people to demonstrate efficacy in improving participant's digital literacy.

Special Thanks

Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering (CIDE)

CU Denver

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