Enhancing Access with Assistive Technology


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Guides and information for transition and employment

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Recorded sessions covering topics on technology and disability

AT Products

Technology options to support a range of disabilities

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New and coming assistive technologies

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Types of Assistive Technologies

For Learning, Memory and Attention

For Physical Access

CIDE's "Enhancing Employment Outcomes with Assistive Technology” project was accomplished through the collaborative partnership and support of the Colorado Office of Employment First (COEF) that is housed within JFK Partners, School of Medicine. The purpose of this project was to provide individuals with disabilities, family members, service providers and other community members information and support about Assistive Technology (AT) to support successful transitions from school to Competitive Integrated Employment.


Additional development of these resources was accomplished as a result of CIDE's "Project SOARR: Supporting Older Adults through Relationships and Resources" funded by the Daniels Fund. The purpose of this project is to support the improve digital literacy in older adults in Colorado. 

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