Tech for Tykes Colorado

Tech for Tykes is a groundbreaking program that is changing the lives of young children with disabilities through the use of assistive technology (AT). Children with developmental delays or disabilities often have difficulty playing and interacting with the world around them. AT provides them with opportunities to be active participants in life rather than passive bystanders. We hope you will take some time to explore the many valuable tools and resources Tech for Tykes has to offer children, families, caregivers and providers in the early childhood community.

Visit the Tech for Tykes website for more information about Early Intervention and Assistive Technology.

Our Philosophy

We strive to assist children with disabilities to play successfully with toys and other children, communicate needs and ideas, make choices, and move independently.

Our Team

Assistive Technology Partners (ATP) has teamed with the Early Intervention Colorado to offer expertise in assistive technology for children up to three years of age. As always, we consider each child and their caretakers as essential members of the team. 

Our Impact

Through early intervention, we can assist in recommending tools and adaptations to a child’s environment so they are able to participate in daily routines in their home, childcare program, and community. This helps them adapt to the world and builds a lasting foundation for using assistive technologies as they grow.

Loan Bank

Children in this crucial development stage grow rapidly and, therefore, their assistive technologies are quickly outgrown. The Tech for Tykes loan bank is available for AT providers in the Early Intervention system  looking for assistive technology devices to try out prior to purchase for children under three years of age.


Assistive technology Partners serves as an invaluable resource to EI professionals and programs serving children eligible for Part C services. Through the Assistive Technology Partners  (ATP) and Early Intervention Colorado collaboration, early intervention (EI) professionals have gone through highly specialized training in order to become Early Intervention Assistive Technology (EI AT) consultants.  Please visit the Tech for Tykes website to learn more..


With the advancement of knowledge and technology, the field of assistive devices is expanding every day. Our specialized, collaborative team trains individuals and professionals in technology and implementation strategies utilizing  the most state-of-the art methods. This is done both in person and through online courses. 


We always aim to provide the most innovative solutions to infants and toddlers with disabilities. The team has a long history of supporting and conducting research in the field of assistive technology, particularly with children three years of age and younger. Please see our Current Research to learn how ATP is working to advance the assistive technologies available to your child with disabilities.

Clinical Services

The Tech for Tykes’ program provides a full range of assistive technology clinical services for young children from evaluation to integration. Once our specialized team of experts identifies a need, we work with each child and their caregiver to explore options that enable the best solution. Visit our clinic services page to learn more. 


We are highly knowledgeable in the specialized field of assistive technologies for ‘tykes’. We have compiled a list of resources to help professionals, families, and anyone interested in the field of AT to grow their knowledge and learn more about the tools available to them.