Previous Studies

Below are helpful publications and research studies on A.T. technology.

D2: Integrating IPP with Enterprise Systems and Generation of Context-aware Linear Prompts

Date: 4/1/2019

Abstract/Detailed Overview

In today's workplace, it is typical for mentors and/or coaches to train and assist employees in executing tasks required by their job. With advancements in technology, these coaches can often be replaced by a computer with a prompting system that walks the employee through a task. This project studies the prompting methods and hierarchy of a computer-based prompting application.


Research at the Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering to learn more about Socially Assistive Robots

Fuzzy blue AT social robot.

The Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering, is investigating the impact Socially Assistive Robotics has on motor communication and cognitive skills of children with disabilities.

Additional Research