Student Labs and Printing


Please note: All Denver campus student labs are closed for the summer during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Locations and Hours

Computer LabLocationHoursPhone Number
  Mon - ThursFridaySat - Sun 
North Classroom12068am - 9pm8am - 4pm12pm - 5pm(303) 315-7382
Tivoli2418am - 7pm8am - 4pmClosed(303) 315-7204
Student Commons (AB1) 20178am - 7pm8am - 4pmClosed(303) 315-1924

Spring/Summer/Winter Break Hours

Computer LabLocationHoursPhone Number
  Mon - ThursFridaySat - Sun 
North Classroom12069am - 5pm9am - 4pmClosed(303) 315-7382
Tivoli241ClosedClosedClosed(303) 315-7204
Student Commons (AB1) 20179am - 5pm9am - 4pmClosed(303) 315-1924

Printing, Scanning and Copying

All computers are connected to high-speed Xerox C8070 multi-function color printers. All tuition-paying students receive $35 per semester for printing, scanning, and copying needs which covers 350 sheets (up to 700 pages). This balance does not carry over from semester to semester. Once you’ve spent your $35, you can use any credit or debit card, or e-check, to pay for additional print credit using the new Pay-2-Print service in the student labs. Pay-2-Print can be found on the Print-release page found on any lab computer. Ask a Lab Advisor in any of our computer labs for assistance with Pay-2-Print.

Heading to a lab to print? Download the print driver. 

Rules and Regulations
  • Study/conference rooms are available in the North Classroom Lab. Please check in with a Lab Advisor to register for a room. Groups of 2-5 students recommended. Two-hour limit per group. Study/conference room rules
  • Absolutely no food in the labs - drinks may be allowed if they have a lid.
  • Only students registered for the current semester can access computer and printing resources.
  • Students may be asked to present school ID badges.
  • No cell phone usage. Please take phone calls outside the lab. Please keep noise to a minimum to respect other students' study needs.
  • Only Lab Advisors are allowed to handle equipment problems.
  • Copyright laws must be observed.
  • Save your work often! All computers erase local content upon logout. Please save to a Cloud service (One Drive, Drop Box, etc.) frequently to ensure no work is lost.
  • Follow the Lab Advisor's directions.
  • Usage of the computer lab is a privilege. You will be asked to leave for not following lab polices, or not following direction of a Lab Advisor. Auraria Police will escort students creating a disturbance from the lab premises.

For questions regarding the CU Denver Student Labs, please email