Student Computer Labs - Services

What We Offer

At CU Denver Student Labs, we offer a variety of services for students to use including color and black and white printing, copying and scanning, study spaces, and more. Our helpful lab advisors are in each of our main labs, as well as our new field labs and landing zones.


  • Software
    • Microsoft Office
    • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (not available on all machines) 
  • Hardware
    • PC computers
    • Mac computers
    • Flat bed scanners
    • External DVD drives
    • Headphones
    • Video cabling

Printing Services

  • Color printing
  • Copy + Scanning (Multi-Page/Large Job)
  • Wireless Printing (to any internet-capable device)
  • Scan-to-email
  • Private/secure printing

Charging Services

  • FUYL Tower – lock and charge ANY mobile device in our secure, safe, charging station!
  • Charging cables available upon request for check-out (will require student ID), including: USB-C, Micro-USB, and Apple Lightning cables
  • Laptop Chargers/AC Adapters available upon request for check-out (will require student ID), for USB-C laptops

Printing | Scanning | Copying | Computers

All computers are connected to high-speed Xerox C8070 multi-function color printers. All tuition-paying students receive $35 per semester for printing, scanning, and copying needs which covers 350 sheets (up to 700 pages). This balance does not carry over from semester-to-semester. Once you’ve spent your $35, you can use any credit or debit card, or e-check, to pay for additional print credit using the new Pay-2-Print service in the student labs. Pay-2-Print can be found on the Print-release page found on any lab computer. Ask a lab advisor in any of our computer labs for assistance with Pay-2-Print.


Heading to a lab to print? Download the print driver. 


Computer Lab Rules

  • Absolutely no food in the labs - drinks may be allowed if they have a lid.
  • Only students registered for the current semester can access computer and printing resources.
  • Students may be asked to present school ID badges.
  • No cell phone usage. Please take phone calls outside the lab. Please keep noise to a minimum to respect other students' study needs.
  • Only lab advisors are allowed to handle equipment problems.
  • Copyright laws must be observed.
  • Save your work often! All computers erase local content upon logout. Please save to a Cloud service such as OneDrive frequently to ensure no work is lost.
  • Follow the lab advisor's directions.
  • Usage of the computer lab is a privilege. You will be asked to leave for not following lab polices, or not following direction of a Lab Advisor. Auraria Police will escort students creating a disturbance from the lab premises.

For questions regarding the CU Denver Student Labs, please email

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