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Options for Dictation

The ability to dictate text is near universal in today's products. The experience is fairly straightforward and there are not many features distinguishing the experience between devices. Here are a couple of considerations to keep in mind when comparing options:

  • offline dictation (no internet required)
  • editing / formatting commands such as "new paragraph", "caps on" or "delete"
windows dictation

Windows Computers

Dictation is available along side Microsoft's Speech Recognition accessibility tool in newer version of Windows 10. The two differ significantly though. Dictation is designed primarily to support writing tasks and has only limited commands available to assist with formatting.  Additionally, Dictation requires an internet connection to function. While somewhat limited in comparison, dictation requires little to no training to use and is generally better suited to writing tasks when hands-free control of the computer is not required.

Pro-tip: Press Windows Key + H to activate dictation

mac Dictation

MacOS Dictation

Mac computers have built-in dictation which can

Pro-tip: Press Option + Escape to activate the reader.

ios dictation icon

Dictation on iPhones and iPads

The iOS keyboard includes a microphone icon which activates the dictation feature. Offline dictation is possible as well. .

android dictation icon

Dictation on Android

Dictation is built directly into the keyboard on android devices. Look for the microphone. Offline dictation is available as well but must be configured in advance.

ChromeOS Dictation Icon

ChromeOS Too!

ChromeOS offers system-wide dictation in addition to the Voice Typing feature built-into Google Docs. Once enabled a microphone icon appears next to the system tray.


  • Some individuals are not fond of computer generated voices
  • Mores than one product may be useful depending on what type of on-screen text needs to be read.
  • Start with the built-in options before purchasing a product. 

Category Notes

Disabilities Supported

Work-Related Functions

  • Dyslexia
  • Language based learning disabilities
  • Eye Fatigue associated with reading
  • Reduced but functional vision
  • Reading print and electronic text
  • Organizing paper and materials
  • Job-site training
  • Kurzweiledu
  • TextHelp
  • Claro Software
  • Don Johnston


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