CU Denver and MSU Pooled Classes

University of Colorado Denver Students

CU Denver students may register for MSU Denver pooled classes through their UCDAccess student portal.

To view the list of eligible pooled classes, please view the list below.

  • Then, go to your Student Center in UCDAccess.
  • Select “Register for Classes (add/drop)”
  • Select “Add Classes”
  • Set your term
  • Enter the class number in the “Select Classes” field under “Search by Class Number”

A limited number of openings will be reserved in each MSU Denver class for CU Denver students.

Metropolitan State University (MSU) of Denver Students

Students must register for pooled courses through their home institution; please contact MSU Denver for registration details.

ROTC Students

CU Denver students who are interested in enrolling in ROTC classes will need to complete the Inter-Campus Enrollment Form. This form may be used by degree-seeking students to register through their home campus for courses taught at other University of Colorado campuses. This form allows CU Denver students to take the MILR classes at CU Boulder receive their full GPA points this way.  For more information please read the concurrent registration policy and restrictions on the form.

Pooled Courses Restriction and Exclusions

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to check with their academic advisor and/or the Dean for degree plan applicability prior to enrolling in an MSU Denver pooled course, and/or prior to enrolling at MSU Denver as a non-degree seeking student wishing to transfer course credits back to CU Denver. MSU Denver pooled courses cannot be used to meet specific course requirements toward the major without prior approval.

  2. MSU pooled courses will not satisfy certain degree requirements, such as number of credit hours taken at CU Denver (also known as a residency requirement, which is separate from the residency tuition classification).

  3. A limited number of openings will be reserved in each MSU Denver class for CU Denver students.

  4. CU Denver students who wish to take non-pooled MSU Denver classes must apply directly as a non-degree student to MSU Denver, enroll through MSU Denver, and pay tuition and fees to MSU Denver. Non-pooled classes will not appear on the University of Colorado transcript and will not be used in determining course loads for financial aid eligibility. Students may then request an MSU Denver transcript to be sent to CU Denver at the end of the term to determine if credit can be transferred.

  5. MSU Denver pooled courses will appear on the University of Colorado transcript, and will count in the total number of hours taken at CU Denver. However, MSU Denver pooled courses will not be included in the University of Colorado grade-point average (GPA).

  6. CU Denver students will be under the grading policy of MSU Denver.

  7. CU Denver students are subject to disciplinary procedures defined by the MSU Denver Student Code of Conduct.

  8. CU Denver graduate students are not eligible.

  9. The following course offerings and/or subjects cannot be pooled. Any students interested in taking these classes at another institution will need to apply to that institution and transfer the completed courses back to their home institution.

Course Offerings that Cannot be Pooled

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