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Classes and Degree Planning

Time to get organized! You need a plan to reach your goals. First step—meet with your advisor. Then, use these tools to map the path to your degree.

Academic Resources

You're not alone. Your Lynx family is here to support you. Plus, you have a ton of resources and services to help you succeed in your classes and get the most out of your college experience, digitally and across campus.

Beyond the Classroom

At LynxConnect, we know that your education is about more than lectures and exams. Exploring, researching, traveling, discussing, listening, experiencing the world, and gaining real world experience—you’re here for all this and more. Let LynxConnect help prepare you for graduation and beyond.

Student Finances

Need to pay your tuition? Looking for a scholarship? Have a question about financial aid? We've got the answers right here. Want to learn how to budget and manage your money? Be sure to reach out to one of our financial wellness coaches.

Jobs and Careers

There are opportunities for you—whether you need professional experience, career connections, or just a regular paycheck. Find employment opportunities on campus, in nearby downtown Denver, and throughout the metro area.


Campus Safety

This is your home, so you want to feel safe here. Use all your safety resources, be alert, and remember—CU Denver Lynx look out for each other.

If you're experiencing an emergency, call 911!

Health and Wellness

You want to take good care of your body and your mind. It’s the only way to survive the challenges and pressures of being a student. From weight rooms and fitness classes to counseling and coaching, you have so much available to assist you on your wellness journey.

Student Life

Getting Involved

Studies show that when you get involved on campus, you do better in your classes. Plus, you’ll meet new people and probably have more fun. That’s a win-win.

Support Services

Feeling like you belong and getting support when you need it—that’s what’s going to help you reach your goals. As a member of the CU Denver Lynx community, you have access to student services that can support you in so many ways.

Getting Around

Campus is super walkable and there are lots of ways to get around Denver—buses, trains, bikeshares, scooters, and more. Find what works best for you to get to class on time and enjoy the Mile High City!