Employee Relations and Performance

The Employee Relations and Performance Department offers consulting services, advice, support and referrals to employees, supervisors, and managers who have questions or need assistance with the following:

  • Policy and rule interpretation and application
  • Performance management
  • Education and development
  • Management and organizational consulting
  • Communication efforts
  • Classified staff grievances
  • Progressive discipline including corrective /disciplinary actions for classified staff
  • At-will terminations
  • Unemployment hearings
  • Managing Family Medical Leave and Parental Leave

Supervisors should contact an Employee Relations and Performance consultant prior to beginning the progressive discipline process, responding to a classified staff grievance or when considering termination of an at-will employee.

If you are ending your employment with CU Denver, we encourage you to consider providing feedback about your experience with us through the exit interview process. Exit interviews are confidential (except for information related to sexual misconduct, discrimination, fiscal misconduct, child endangerment, elder abuse which would be confidentially reported to the appropriate offices).

Information provided through the exit interview will be provided to campus, school/college/unit leaders through de identified and thematic feedback for improvements initiatives. This information may be used in conjunction with other survey and data that is collected.

If you would like to request an exit interview please email WorkplaceEngagement@ucdenver.edu

Reba Yount

Employee Relations Consultant

Email: Reba.Yount@ucdenver.edu
Alt. Email: WorkplaceEngagement@ucdenver.edu
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