Performance Management Consulting

The annual evaluation period will be ending soon for university staff, classified staff, and faculty.

Annual ratings for university staff are due to HR no later than July 31, 2023.

Classified staff ratings are due September 29, 2023.

Faculty ratings are due October 1, 2023.

Successful performance evaluation involves consistency, clarity, and no surprises. Learn more in the recent article from Workplace Engagement.

Interested in upcoming performance management and evaluation training?

Check out Skillsoft for upcoming trainings with Course ID: ilt_a30009

Note for University Staff: Denver Human Resources has created a new tool to support University Staff Supervisors and Employees to encourage open and often performance evaluation. The tool is part of a multi-step process that assists with expectation and goals setting, ongoing check-ins, a midpoint check in, and the summary evaluation for the entire evaluation period. 

New Performance Development & Management Tool

Join us at one of the upcoming review sessions.

See forms and tools below for Faculty and Classified Staff.

For additional questions and resources, faculty and staff are encouraged to contact their assigned Human Resources business partner.

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