Assistive Technology Act Program of Colorado 

What Does the Assistive Technology Act Program of Colorado Do?

The Assistive Technology Program of Colorado can help individuals with disabilities to lead more independent lives through the use of AT. The CIDE team works together with stakeholders throughout Colorado to provide AT information and assistance to individuals with disabilities, seniors, and their service providers.


Below are some helpful resources for accessing a variety of A.T. sources.

Contact us with your questions about Assistive Technology

It is estimated that 15% of the world’s population experiences some form of disability. Spreading awareness about this issue is important for everyone. We build awareness through targeted services and through participation in local expos, fairs, and events. We provide an extensive offering for all ages and disabilities - both from an individual and business perspective in a broad range of areas.


Our services range from one-on-one assessments for individuals with disabilities to training for groups and businesses. If you have a general idea of the assistance you need, please visit our ‘Services’ pages to find the information you are looking for. For more guidance on what services could help improve your life or business accessibility, please visit our ‘Need Help?’ page to help direct you to the right resource to fit your needs.

Expos, Fairs, & Events

Assistive Technology Partners is committed to increasing awareness of AT, and one way we do this is through participation in expos, fairs, and events. Throughout the year, we are actively involved in many local, state, and national fairs and expositions in addition to events held on an annual basis, such as AT Awareness Week. For more information on upcoming events, please see our announcements or join our mailing list.


Find Funding and Used Devices

AT devices can make an incredible impact on the lives of users and their caretakers. We want to ensure that these devices remain accessible despite someone’s financial status. Online databases and resources are available to assist you to find funding for AT devices.

The following services are undergoing a redesign and are currently unavailable. In the interim, please contact Julia Beems for direct assistance with your funding questions. 

AT Funding $ources

The AT Funding $ources database was created to help individuals with disabilities, and their caregivers, find funding sources for AT devices, equipment, and programs. The site is fully accessible, available statewide and allows users to filter the results to easily find what they are looking for. Once a potential funding source is identified, the site also directs users to more information and instructions on how to apply for funding. To begin your search, please visit the AT Funding $ources database.

AT Exchange

The CIDE AT Exchange is an online tool and resource that assists individuals, and organizations, in obtaining used AT devices or equipment for little or no cost. This service allows users to search posted items available within Colorado. Any devices or equipment obtained from AT Exchange should be based on a professional evaluation and recommendation from an Assistive Technology Specialist to assure proper usage and fit.

About the Colorado AT Act Program

Governing of AT of Colorado

The Colorado Assistive Technology Coalition serves as the advisory council  for the AT Program. More than fifty percent of membership is persons with disabilities who use AT or are parents, family members or guardians of people who use assistive technology. Other members include representatives of state agencies and organizations that serve people with disabilities who use AT.

National AT Resources