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Get involved with international groups on and off campus!

It's a great way to continue your international experience and integrate it into your life back in Colorado. There are many ways to do this — consider starting with these.

  • Become a Peer Mentor with the Office of Global Education: One way to keep your experience fresh and to share your experiences is to join the Global Education team as a student peer mentor. Peer mentors help guide prospective study abroad students toward their international academic and personal goals. Peer mentors work closely with Global Education; Study Abroad staff to take students step-by-step through the study abroad processes and guide them to the appropriate resources. By becoming a Peer Mentor, you have the opportunity to share your invaluable perspectives on living and learning in another country! Interested returned study abroad students may contact the Office of Global Education either by email at or 303.315.2001.
  • Blogging/Reviewing: If you did not keep a blog while you were traveling, it’s not too late to make one! Your travel experiences can provide other students and travelers insight into the places you’ve been to, even if you’re writing about them after you’ve returned. If blogging is not your cup of tea, or you do not have the time to blog, but you would like to help other travelers by making recommendations, writing reviews on websites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and StudyAbroad101 is a great way of using your knowledge, and can help you remember and relive your experiences. If you took part in a third-party program, you can leave reviews of your experience on their website, as well at GoAbroad.
  • Submit a photo to our Study Abroad Photo Contest: Everybody who returns from studying abroad has lots of stories to share, but sometimes words can’t quite convey the amazing things you have seen. If you’ve taken a great picture abroad and would like to share it with the world, submit it to our photo contest! Your photo may be used in promotional materials to help students visualize what they might see if they too decide to study abroad.
  • Add a different perspective to your classes: So many class discussions can benefit from the new perspective that comes from living abroad and seeing things through the eyes of another culture. Don’t be afraid to talk about your experiences if they are relevant to class discussions!
  • Join or start a student group: CU Denver’s Office of Student Life can provide you information on the many student groups and organizations on campus. If you can’t find any that matches your interest, consider starting one of your own!
  • Learn a new language, or practice one you learned abroad: Living abroad can spark your passion for learning languages, and even though it can be difficult to maintain your language skills when you are not immersed in the culture of a country that speaks that language, there are certainly opportunities to keep your language skills up to snuff. Take upper level language courses at CU Denver if they are offered in the language you are learning, or find a cultural group in Denver whose members speak in the language you are learning.
  • Attend our Unpacking Seminar: Every semester, the Office of Global Education offers an Unpacking Seminar to students returning from abroad. This seminar will give you tips on integrating your experiences abroad into your education and work. Keep a lookout when you return for an email about the Unpacking Seminar, or find it on our event calendar.
  • Go abroad again! Many students who have studied abroad found themselves “bit” by the travel bug. If you have the resources, time, room in your academic plan, and passion, consider studying abroad again. Whether you decide to study abroad for a semester after having your first taste of study abroad in a Global Study program, or you have already done a semester or year abroad and are interested in interning, there are so many options to go abroad again. If you are interested in going abroad again but unsure of what kind of program you’d like to take part in, you can make an appointment to speak with an advisor.

Share Your Experience

We love to hear from students about their experiences studying abroad. If you would like to write us, drop us a line at or make an appointment to talk to one of us about your experiences.

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