Required Training

For compliance purposes, the University requires employees to take a variety of on-line courses. Some courses are role/position and campus specific. Before taking any of these courses, we recommend you verify with your Human Resources Business Partner which of these courses are required by your department.

If you need help locating any of these courses in Skillsoft, use our Access Guide for help.

If you click on the course specific hyperlink within the accordion, you will be redirected to Skillsoft. Select "Denver IDP" for your campus identification. If you aren't logged in, it will prompt you to enter your credentials. A white screen will appear and you will need to click the "Click here to launch course". Ensure that popups are allowed in your browser for Skillsoft.

The courses listed under "New Employee" are the most common compliance courses required of most employees.  Check with your supervisor to confirm which courses are required.

The courses listed under “Role Specific” includes additional courses that may be required by your department. Check with your supervisor to confirm all required compliance courses for your role.