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  • Aleaza Graham works with client using AAC

    AT Awareness Day: April 17

    Mar 26, 2024
    On National Assistive Technology Awareness Day, April 17th, we recognize the crucial role of assistive technology for individuals with disabilities and older adults.
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  • Surviving in Place Project Continues to Deliver

    Feb 21, 2024
    CIDE, funded by Colorado's HCPF and ARPA, aids Medicaid members with emergency preparedness, distributing backup batteries and Emergency Go Kits. Members can register for trainings and apply for Battery Backup Power Systems or Emergency Go Kits.
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  • Young Man in Wheelchair with Christmas lights

    Finding Brian’s Voice

    Mar 13, 2024
    Despite severe cerebral palsy, Brian now communicates effectively using a low- and high-tech solutions.
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  • Teachers hold communication posters

    Creative Communication in Colorado Springs

    Mar 6, 2024
    The Colorado Springs "District 49" Assistive Technology (AT) Team focuses on expanding accessible communication for students with complex needs. They utilize AAC systems in playgrounds and gymnasiums, supported by posters and whole school training during Halloween.
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  • Program participants smiling with iPads

    Medicaid Members Bridging the Digital Divide

    Feb 28, 2024
    CIDE launches a digital literacy curriculum for Medicaid members, aiming to empower them with essential online skills for accessing healthcare.
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  • Toddlers Thrive with Tech for Tykes

    Feb 14, 2024
    Tech for Tykes empowers children under three with disabilities through assistive technology (AT), fostering active participation in life. Success stories include a boy using an iPad for communication, a girl benefiting from various communication aids, and a toddler overcoming movement challenges with a Balance Pad.
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  • Jacob sits supported by his parents

    CIDE Clinic Superstar Update

    Nov 30, 2023
    Innovative solutions transform the comfort and quality of life for 28-year-old Jacob through a collaborative effort between expert clinicians and Medifab's cutting-edge AT.
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