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Denver Campus Award Criteria


Faculty Award Winners 2019-2

(Pictured, some of the 2019 winners: Stephanie Santorico, William Wagner, Marta Maron, Mark Golkowski, Dorothy Garrison-Wade, Remi Kalir, Rebecca Kantor, and Courtney Donovan)

The Denver Campus selects annual awards for Excellence in Teaching, Leadership and Service, Research and Creative Activities, Practices Related to Instructional, Research, and Clinical Faculty, Librarianship, and Faculty Mentoring. The schools and colleges and library select winners, who become the nominees for the campus-level awards.

Committees comprised of the winners (school-, college- and library-level, as well as campus-level) from the past two years select the campus-level winners for Teaching, Leadership and Service, and Scholarly/Creative Work.  The winner of the Librarianship Award is selected by the Auraria Library faculty.  The winner of the Faculty Mentoring Award is selected by a committee of faculty members involved in the Center for Faculty Development and Advancement mentoring program. The winning academic unit receiving the Award for Excellence in Practices Related to Instructional, Research, and Clinical Faculty is chosen by a selection committee organized by the University of Colorado Denver Association of Lecturers and Instructors (UCDALI).

Nominations for the 2021 awards are due in the Office of Faculty Affairs on March 8, 2021.

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