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What is Pear Deck Tutor?

Pear Deck Tutor is a revolutionary online education platform that provides on-demand tutoring and online courses. The Learning Resources Center's partnership with Pear Deck will empower our students to cultivate the growth mindset by connecting with and learning from those around us. In addition to the LRC's in-person/remote tutoring program, Pear Deck Tutor enables thousands of tutors to share their knowledge with CU Denver students at no additional cost. With tutors specializing in over 300 subjects, you're sure to get the support you need when you need it. Change the way you learn with Pear Deck. 

Through Pear Deck, CU Denver students have access to true 1:1 tutoring, where tutors give their undivided attention to one student per session. Our platform replicates the face-to-face engagement of in-person learning via live audio/video chat.

The award-winning Lesson Space is easy to use, yet offers students a host of advanced learning tools like virtual whiteboards, screen sharing, and a text editor to accommodate the needs of all learners. Leveraging these powerful learning aids, students and tutors collaborate on assignments, prep for tests, and reinforce core concepts, helping learners develop the self-confidence needed to succeed.


Live Video & Audio Chat

We know the most effective learning happens when students are fully engaged, which we believe is best achieved through personalized, face-to-face relationships. That’s why all our tutors are ready to lead sessions through two-way audio and video chat.

If students are camera shy, no problem! Our dynamic Lesson Space easily accommodates collaboration through chat, virtual whiteboards, screen sharing, text and code editors, and more.

Pear Deck Tutor - How to Connect With a Tutor

Once you’ve logged in, you can click the green button labeled “Connect with a Live Tutor”, then select the subject you’d like help with. 

After you’ve selected the subject, you can add more details about what you’d like help with - for example, “I need help with my English homework” or “I don’t understand these calculus problems”. You can also upload any assignments you have on the screen.

Once you’ve connected with a tutor, you can choose between chat, audio/video, and screensharing to work with the tutor in a shared learning space.

Academic Integrity

LRC_c_clr (1)The Learning Resources Center at CU Denver believes that academic integrity is the core component of self-worth and academic achievement.  It is essential in shaping the growth mindset that encourages intellectual risk-taking and views mistakes as opportunities for students to learn and grown as open-minded, lifelong learners.   

Academic guides (tutors) are here to support you in these efforts and encourage you to develop problem-solving skills.  Our tutors may assist you by clarifying concepts and working through examples and problems to help you understand an assignment.  Though they are not permitted to provide you with the answer on graded assignment, they are able to prompt you with probing questions and similar sample problems to help you reach the solution together. 

Untitled (1) (2)TutorMe understands the pressures inherent to an academic environment. School can be stressful, and that stress may lead students to the temptation to cheat. However, as a student, you may not use the TutorMe platform to participate in academic dishonesty of any form. The TutorMe platform brings together tutors and students so that tutors can help you understand the methods and concepts required to complete assignments on your own. You may not ask tutors to help with or complete tests, or quizzes, complete assignment answers, edit your work/writing, provide you with sources for a paper, summarize your required reading, nor request answers without engaging in the required preparatory work that leads to your understanding of the assignment methods and concepts.
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