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Presort Mail

The Mail Center now provides savings on postage to departments who have qualifying pre sort mail.Mail Stack

To qualify for presort savings, mail must meet the following requirements:

  • White envelopes only, two ounces or less in weight. No flats.
  • Printed or typed is the preferred method however a large percentage of handwritten may and is readable for presort but is not guaranteed to qualify.
  • Fixed font type of 10 points or higher with no script type fonts.
  • No barcode.
  • No printing in the lower 5/8's inch of the envelope.
  • Address to be no higher than two (2 3/4) inches from the bottom of the envelopeDomestic mail only.
  • Domestic mail only.  No international mail, including Canada and Mexico.
  • Mail in window envelopes must view the entire address without being hidden as the piece inside slides in all directions.

If your department sends out sort of mail on a regular basis, then it is recommended that  your speed type be pre printed on the envelopes with the return address.  See contact the Mail Center or Printing Services for details.

The Mail Center looks forward to continue providing additional services to the University of Colorado Denver.  For more details on this program, contact

Mail Center Manager

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