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This checklist is a guide for preparing bulk/nonprofit (standard A) mail to meet USPS standards.  Items in section one are U.S. Postal Rules and Regulations and are strictly monitored and enforced.  Items in section two are university internal policies for handling bulk mail.  The Mail Center staff is always willing to assist in providing information about mailings.  Departments preparing bulk mailings are responsible for preparation meeting USPS bulk mail requirements and delivery of mailings to the Mail Center.  If preparation does not meet U. S. Postal regulations, the mail will be returned to the department for correction.

The low bulk rate is made possible by eliminating sorting ordinarily done by U.S. Postal employees.

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SECTION ONE - USPS Requirements

  1. Minimum Quantity - Bulk mail must contain a minimum of 200 pieces with identical contents.
  2. Identical Pieces - All pieces must be identical. in weight and size. Paper weight and envelope or other mailer must be uniform throughout the mailing.
  3. USA Only - Bulk mail is limited to delivery within the USA and USA Possessions. Bulk mail can not be sent outside the U.S.A.
  4. Consistent Addressing - All addresses must face the same direction and be legibly typed, printed or hand written.
  5. Meet Non-Profit Requirements - Requirements for mailing at the non-profit bulk rate are stringent and are established by the U. S. Postal Service. The Mail Center can assist you with this determination.  ALL MAILINGS MUST HAVE A COMPLETE RETURN ADDRESS, INCLUDING "University of Colorado Denver", IN ORDER TO QUALIFY FOR THE NON-PROFIT BULK RATE.  It is highly recommended that your non profit piece be submitted to the USPS for non profit approval before printing it.  This process takes from 2-6 workings days to receive approval and or feedback on what changes need to be made for approval.  Printing Services and/or the Mail Center can help you with this approval process.
  6. The Mail Center no longer prepares bulk mail as stated above but rather can assist or direct you to an external mail house and/or can coordinate these mailings for you with an external mail house.

SECTION TWO - HSC Requirements

Begin early to receive assistance on minimizing postage and processing costs. Contact either the Mail Center or Printing Services to obtain and verify that the return address and indicia on your mail piece meet USPS requirements. Supplies - Obtain supplies from the Mail Center.

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