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The IIB / CIBER assists faculty to advance their teaching and research in international business, international entrepreneurship, foreign language education (Language for Specific Purposes), and other international fields through faculty course development and research grants and participation in faculty development programs, international business pedagogy workshops, international executive roundtables, and other internationalization initiatives.

Upcoming Programs

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Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB) and International Entrepreneurship (FDIE) Programs

2015- Pagoda

For 25+ years, CU CIBER has offered 39 sessions for six different FDIBs and trained faculty from 475 universities in 49 states.  In 2020, CU CIBER added remote FDIB program delivery, extending program reach to 360+ faculty and doctoral students.

CU CIBER's China FDIB has been a key resource for CIBERs and other US universities since 2006. CU CIBER has offered 15+ China FDIB programs focused on the Pearl River Delta, The Development of Western China, and the Belt and Road Initiative.

IB Pedagogy Workshops

CU CIBER co-sponsors and hosts sessions at the IB Pedagogy Workshops, led by Georgia State University CIBER. Since March 2020, we have had over 7,000 faculty participants.


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FDIE 2015

Upcoming Programs

International Entrepreneurship Thematic Session, IB Pedagogy Workshop
Featuring Dr. Nicole Coviello and Dr. Manuel G. Serapio
IB Pedagogy Workshop, Atlanta, Georgia
May 2022

Funding Opportunities

CU CIBER Summer Faculty Grants

CU CIBER Summer Faculty Grants are competitive awards that support faculty in their course development, program development, or research initiatives in international business topics. Faculty applicants can be from any institution with priority given to those representing a community college or minority-serving institution.

For more information, contact Karen Freidhof at

Rocky Mountain CIBER Faculty Grants

This grant program provides support for faculty research and course development in international business and language topics. Faculty applicants can be from any institution in the Rocky Mountain region, with priority given to those representing community colleges and minority-serving institutions.

Applications typically open in May and awards are announced in June. To be invited to apply for the next cycle or for more information, please contact

International Executive Roundtables

Since 1989, the Institute for International Business has hosted the International Executive Roundtable lecture series for university students, staff, faculty, and members of the international business community. These events:

  • Serve as a forum in which executives and government officials meet with university faculty, staff, and students to discuss timely issues in international business
  • Educate students, staff, and faculty about international business practices and provide exposure to the experiences of executives in the global marketplace
  • Allow lecturers to speak on real world scenarios and pass valuable research insights on to faculty

The IIB designates featured lectures by renowned speakers as distinguished lectures: Robert Reynolds Distinguished Lecture (led and hosted by CU Denver's Business School), The Greg and Carol Jemal-Gibson Distinguished Lecture, and the Burton Boothby Distinguished Lecture.

    Antonella Zucchella

    Rocky Mountain CIBER Network

    The IIB/CIBER champions the advancement of international business education in the Rocky Mountain region through the Rocky Mountain CIBER (RMCIBER) Network, a consortium of 80+ schools, community colleges, and minority-serving institutions (including tribal colleges and universities) in 10 regional states. RMCIBER provides members with opportunities for faculty research and course development grants, program participation scholarships, and hosts a biennial international business conference.

    The Rocky Mountain CIBER Network is co-led by CU Denver and BYU CIBERs to build capacity and educational programs at participating academic institutions.

    Collaborative Faculty Programs

    The Institute for International Business and CU CIBER works with community colleges on various internationalization initiatives, including community college faculty participation in:

    • International Executive Roundtables
    • RMCIBER Network
    • Faculty Development programs
    • CIBERVets Global Leaders programs
    • Course development and research grants
    • IB Pedagogy Workshops​

    In collaboration with the Community College of Denver (Faculty Coordinator, Dr. Carol Miller), CU CIBER has supported the internationalization of business courses, development of videos and course materials for badging modules, and participation in faculty development programs, conferences, and workshops.

    The University of Colorado Denver CIBER collaborates with the American Indian Higher Education Center (AIHEC) in assisting Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCU) with programs and activities to internationalize their curricula. There are 37 TCUs with more than 75 sites in 16 states.

    Pacific Asian Consortium for International Business Education and Research (PACIBER)​ was created in 1988 as a consortium of 27 leading universities dedicated to bridging the gap by establishing linkages to promote international business education, research, and exchange of information among faculty and students. PACIBER stands as a forum for the exchange of ideas where members can network and learn from one another. Through faculty exchanges and other mutually beneficial alliances, member universities can raise the level of their business education programs to world class standards.

    NASBITE International is a not-for-profit Membership organization and leading organization supporting training and education in the field of global business. NASBITE is the leading authority and industry standard for global business education, trade credentialing, training and practice.

    IIB/CIBER collaborates with NASBITE to support faculty, staff, and student participation in the NASBITE Annual Conference (typically held in March). CU CIBER also offers access to NASBITE Trade Passport training webinars to veteran and military students engaged in CIBERVets Global Leaders programs.

    CU CIBER collaborates with Hong Kong Trade Development Council to support students, faculty, and staff participation in HKTDC programs such as the Asian Financial Forum and the Belt and Road Summit.

    The Academy of International Business is the leading association of scholars and specialists in the field of international business. Established in 1959, the Academy of International Business has more than 3,300 members from 93 countries around the world. Members include academic scholars, researchers, business practitioners, government officials, and representatives of non-governmental organizations. The Academy of International Business chapters aim to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking at the regional level.

    CU CIBER collaborates with the Academy of International Business (AIB) to support faculty and doctoral students participate in various pedagogy and research conferences including AIB US-West Chapter Annual Conferences and AIB Annual Conference.

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