Institute for International Business

Center for International Business Education and Research

For over 30 years, the University of Colorado Denver’s Institute for International Business (IIB) has served as a university-wide global education resource and a center for the advanced study and teaching of international business and related fields. Designated by the US Department of Education as a Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)—one of only 16 such centers in the United States—the IIB offers multiple programs that have a significant, wide-ranging, and sustainable impact on IB education, foreign language education, and US global competitiveness.

Program Highlights


International Executive Roundtables hosted featuring CEOs, government leaders, and renowned academics


faculty from over 250 universities/colleges in 38 US states and 34 countries have participated in Faculty Development in International Entrepreneurship programs


students have graduated from IB programs offered by CU Denver's Business School and supported by CU CIBER


students have secured internships and employment through Pathways to International Internships and Employment (PIIE)

Global Forum Reports

The American Dream Is Not Over Yet: Desirable Foreign Policies for the Upcoming Era

After Prigozhin: The Beginning of the End of Putin’s Regime?

State of Amazonas: Promises and Challenges

Back in the USSR: What Does Putin Want and How Should the West Respond?

Podcast Episodes

Global Trade This Week, Global Music Cities, and more!

Listen to episodes of our podcasts focusing on international business, global trade, and global music industry topics! Podcasts are developed weekly in collaboration with CAP Logistics, ICOSA Media, Amplify Music, and various departments within the University of Colorado.

Featured Student

Elizabeth Chemey, MS International Business Candidate, May 2022

Elizabeth is currently pursuing her MS International Business degree. She graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2020 with a BS in International Trade. As a graduate student, she has led the International Business Student Network student organization as President since December 2020, works as a Graduate Assistant for the Institute for International Business, and has sat on multiple program planning committees for CIBERVets (a student organization for veteran and military students) and various community organizations including the World Trade Center Denver. In May 2021, Elizabeth secured an internship with Seagate Technologies as a Global Supply Chain Intern, which she continues still. Elizabeth looks forward to continuing to expand her knowledge and development in the global supply chain industry.

I am so grateful for the experiences I've had during my educational program. I have been able to get a foot in the door in the international business community through IIB's connections and introductions, there are so many course options that have expanded my interests to topics I never even considered, the instructors give me valuable real-world experiences in the classroom, my mentors have been an invaluable resource, and I have learned so much through my experiences with IBSN and CIBERVets.
Chemey, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Chemey

MSIB Candidate, CU Denver; Global Supply Chains Intern, Seagate Technologies

Rocky Mountain CIBER Network

The IIB/CIBER champions the advancement of international business education in the Rocky Mountain region through the RMCIBER Network, a consortium co-led by CU Denver and BYU CIBERs of 80+ schools, community colleges, and minority-serving institutions in 10 regional states.

A Focus on Digital Globalization

"The shift to a more digital form of globalization changes who is participating, how business is done across borders, and where the economic benefits are flowing." - McKinsey Global Institute

"We unequivocally believe that for the future of commerce to survive it has to be in the hands of the many, not the few." - Harley Finkelstein, CEO, Shopify

In the coming years, CU CIBER will build upon our Global E-Commerce Specialization program—one of the first such programs in the country—with timely updates that seize upon current developments and opportunities and equip our students with cutting-edge knowledge and skills to lead enterprises engaged in global e-commerce. We will also work directly with Colorado and US SMEs to accelerate their participation in best practices cross-border e-commerce. Through a first-of-its-kind faculty development program in global e-commerce, we will share programs nationally with US faculty and doctoral students to facilitate their development of global e-commerce programs and courses.

Colorado - A Hub for Global Business


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