Program Overview

for First-Time College Students

Who Should Apply?

Admission to University Honors and Leadership (UHL) is competitive.

To start, applicants must meet the published requirements for admission to CU Denver Beyond that, competitive applicants will rank among the best coming out of high school, with a high GPA (3.4 unweighted minimum), high class ranking, and SAT/ACT scores that indicate an ability to handle the rigors of an honors educational experience. (Test scores are currently optional.) 


UHL courses are taught in a learner-centered environment with continuous faculty and student engagement. Students hone their critical thinking skills by analyzing issues from alternative perspectives. The coursework during the first year focuses on the intellectual, social, and personal skills needed to excel in an increasingly diverse, global, and technologically complex society.

A weekly seminar series complements the UHL Core curriculum and features speakers from a variety of sectors including academia, business, and government. Seminar topics range from hot-button policy issues of the moment to the latest in scientific discovery.

Let's Talk Required English*

Incoming UHL students who haven't taken ENGL 1020 or the equivalent will take it in their first fall semester. All students will take a specific UHL section of ENGL 2030 in their first year

Not sure if you've fulfilled the requirement? Check with your school/college advisor

First Year Foundational Courses

In your first year, in addition to required English courses, all UHL students will take a total of five credit hours

  • The Life of the Mind (3 credits)
  • UHL Seminar (2 credits over two semesters)

If you do well in your fall courses you may begin on your UHL electives this spring - talk with your UHL advisor

Second and Third Year Electives

In your second and third year, you will explore elective classes based on your interests. Over the two years, you will take 15 elective credit hours.

Fourth Year Seminar Courses

Two UHL Senior Seminar courses (four credits total) wraps up your UHL experience. The senior courses may be taken in any order and may be completed in the same semester.

The course of study for the Honors and Leadership minor includes required and elective courses.

Year 1: UHL Core (5 credit hours)

UNHL 2755: Honors and Leadership Seminar – semester 1 (1 credit) 

UNHL 1100: Life of the Mind - (3 credit)

UNHL 2755: Honors and Leadership Seminar – semester 2 (1 credit)

*ENGL1020: Comp (3 credits)

*ENGL 2030: Comp II  (3 credits)

Years 2 & 3:  Electives (15 credit hours)

Electives: Five UNHL electives (3 credits each)

Year 4UHL Senior Seminar (4 credit hours)

UNHL 4991: UHL Senior Seminar I (3 credit)

UNHL 4992: UHL Senior Seminar II (1 credits)


University Honors and Leadership

CU Denver

1047 9th Street Historic Park

1047 9th Street

Denver, CO 80204


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