About UHL

We are faculty, staff, and student employees dedicated to your academic success.

The University of Colorado Denver Honors faculty is made up of outstanding teachers and scholars committed to furthering honors-level education through the University Honors and Leadership Program. Our experienced staff supports you in your academic journey. And, our student staff members are current UHL students who are creative and dedicated leaders.

The UHL program director, associate director, and coordinator are committed to excellence and helping to guide UHL students as they navigate college and life.

Each honors staff and faculty member is here to help you achieve your goals. Make sure to check in with updates on your accomplishments and challenges, and to let us know how we can best provide support.

Giving to UHL

We always welcome your financial support for our programs and the opportunities we provide our high-achieving students. Donations to CU Denver University Honors and Leadership can be made quickly and easily made through the University of Colorado Foundation. And, if you have a special program you’d like to help fund, like scholarships, study abroad, or research, just note that in the Comments section. Thank you!

Steering Committee and Faculty

     UHL Staff

University Honors and Leadership

CU Denver

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