Apply for the TIAA Chancellors Urban Engaged Scholars

The TIAA Chancellor's Urban Engaged Scholars program recognizes and elevates the outstanding contributions of CU Denver faculy to the Denver-metro region through their research and creative activities. Every year, one scholar from each school and college is selected for this honor. 




Application Details

  1. A letter of intent that briefly describes how the research or creative activity pertains to the Denver metropolitan region and define how it is community engaged. 
  2. A short curriculum vitae. 
  3. Optional: statements of research or service that support the application 
  • All applications are due January 31, 2022 by 5 p.m. 
  • Selected candidates will be notified and made public February 2022. 

Selection Criteria

The TIAA Chancellor's Urban Engaged Scholars awardees is based on the following criteria: 

  • Scholarship addresses current urban issues in the Denver-metro region. Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate an emphasis on current issues or needs in the Denver-metro region, including economic recovery and pandemic related issues.
  • Scholarship involves community partners in the Denver-metro region. The application demonstrates the strength of community partnerships in their research or creativity activity.
  • Scholarship is valuable to the academic community. The application demonstrates academically relevant work that advances scholarship in one or more academic disciplines.
  • Scholarship included graduate or undergraduate students. Preference will be given to applications that engaged CU Denver graduate or undergraduate students in their research or creative activity.
  • Scholarship impacted (or will impact) the Denver-metro region. Preference will be given to projets that demonstrate significant potential impact on our community. 
  • Scholarship that is inclusive. Preference will be given to projects that support CU Denver's mission to support DEI and equity serving efforts. 


The Chancellor’s Urban Engaged Scholars award is made possible by: 



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