Run for Office

Be a voice for the student body! CU Denver Student Government Association (SGA) welcomes all students to contribute their ideas and to get involved. By sharing a unique perspective, students are crucial to addressing the issues we face. We encourage all CU Denver students to vote in Student Elections to have their opinions heard.

Annual elections are held in April for a variety of positions.

  • Executive ticket—President and Vice President
  • 12 Senators—six for legislation and outreach, six for finance and funding
  • Events and Planning Chair
  • Two SACAB Representatives (Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board)
  • Eight College Council Representatives—College Council candidates must have declared their major in the school/college they are running for

Learn about the expectations for each position.

Ready to run? Submit your eligibility form or stop by the SGA office, Tivoli #301, to collect your packet in-person.

Election Results 2020 - 2021

We thank all of our student leaders for running for a position. We know this takes time and effort.  ‚Äč


After our annual elections,some SGA positions remain vacant. All CU Denver students are invited to apply to fill those vacancies. The open positions can be found on Handshake.

Please note that a write-in candidate must receive a minimum of 30 votes to be elected. In this election, no write-in reached that threshold.

Students Elected to a Single Position

Executive Ticket (President & Vice President)


President: Daniel Casillas                           59%
Vice President: Fabian Laguna


President: Ryan Egloff                                40%
Vice President: Emily Shoemaker


Write-In (3)                                                  0


College Council – College of Arts and Media

Shawntisha Bailey                                        99%

Write-In (4)                                                   1%


College Council - School of Public Affairs

Jessica Valdez                                              74%

Jack Gilmartin                                               26%


College Council – Business School

Bhavick Maru                                                99%

Write-In (3)                                                   1%


College Council - College of Liberal Arts and Science

Andrew Blanco                                             100%

Write-In (2)                                                   0


College Council – College of Architecture and Planning
This position will be open for applications and hiring

Write-In (22)                                                 100%


College Council – College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

This position will be open for applications and hiring

Write-In (12)                                                 100% 

College Council - School of Education and Human Development

Nadia Crowley                                               99%

Write In (5)                                                    1%


College Council – Graduate School

Seann Smith                                                 99%

Write-In (3)                                                   1%    


Student Fee Review Committee, Chair

Issa Hoflin                                                     100%

Write-in (2)                                                    0


Events & Planning Committee, Chair

Jarod Keelen                                                 52%

Carol Miramontes                                          48%


Students Elected to Positions with Multiple Representatives


Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board (SACAB)
2 Positions


Marlena Fay Harwood

Olivia Neece


Student Senators – Legislation and Outreach
6 Positions

Two positions will be open for applications and hiring


Marissa Frost

Olja Kovacevic

Tyler McDaniel

Jamen Rossi

Write-in (10)

Student Senators - Finance and Funding

6 Positions

Three positions will be open for applications and hiring


Curran Hickey

Felipe Aguirre Sanchez

Rushabh Shah

Write-in (7)


Referendum Vote(s)

CU Denver Constitutional Changes
Yes                                     90%

No                                      10%


Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) – RTD College Pass

Yes                                     87%

No                                      13%

Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) – Compost Fee

Yes                                     70%

No                                      30%


Opinion Question

Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) – Student interest in updating campus policy to create a smoke-free campus
Yes                                     70%

No                                      30%