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Every gift to CU Denver makes a difference, whether in helping our students succeed, opening avenues for innovation, funding research that benefits our communities, or in numerous other ways that matter most to our donors, our students, and our faculty. Below are just some of the ways philanthropy at CU Denver helps us fulfill our educational mission. Our sincere thanks to the many generous donors who accelerate success at CU Denver. 

Student Success

Programs & Initiatives

  • Teacher interacting with young students in a classroom.

    Fostering Effective Role Models in the Classroom

    Apr 17, 2024 by Jackson Campbell
    Short for “Mentors Instructing Students Towards Effective Role Models,” the Call Me MiSTER program aims to recruit inspiring male teachers by offering financial and academic support as well as the opportunity to learn and grow within a cohort over the course of their academic careers.
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  • Madhavan Parthasarathy in a gray suit jacket and white t-shirt standing at the bottom of a staircase wearing dark, square-rimmed glasses and smiling with his teeth.

    CU Denver’s Madhavan Parthasarathy Is Rethinking Entrepreneurship—One Student at a TimeOpens in a new window

    Feb 20, 2024
    At CU Denver, investing in your education is about more than getting a degree. It is about becoming part of a community that connects the dots between big and small ideas and develops innovative learners that give back. That practice is on display at the Business School’s Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship.
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  • Participants of the Empowering Women in Business program gather at the end of the program’s inaugural semester.

    Leveling the Playing Field in Corporate America

    Feb 19, 2024 by Jackson Campbell
    CU Denver’s Business School introduced Empowering Women in Business (EWiB), a program launched last fall to equip students with the distinct tools they need to navigate the workforce and successfully pursue leadership roles in their careers. Now in its second semester, EWiB thus far has served as an incredible beacon of inspiration that acknowledges often overlooked issues regarding the playing field between men and women in the workplace.
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  • CU Denver alumnus Dr. Erik Lucero ’05 does a hands-on demonstration at CU Denver.

    Quantum Information Technology Certificate Program Opens New Doors for Students

    Nov 13, 2023
    The future may present many questions, and thanks to a strategic and philanthropic investment from Google, CU Denver’s new Quantum Information Technology Certificate Program holds the promise for many new answers—answers that could reduce the environmental impact of batteries, make food production more efficient, and lower the cost of health care, to name just a few.
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Donors & Giving

  • Overhead view of a table covered in architecture supplies and schematics with two sets of hands pointing and interacting.

    Honoring a Mentor by Paying it Forward

    Apr 15, 2024 by Jackson Campbell
    Many people shape the direction of our lives, but in what ways do we acknowledge the often profound influence they may have? For CU Denver alum Andy Kenney, this way was establishing a scholarship, allowing an influential mentor’s legacy to live on in the lives of other students.
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  • Four medical staff seated at a glass table talking in pairs over laptops.

    A Testament to Second Chances

    Apr 3, 2024 by Jackson Campbell
    As a surgeon, Bob Wolfson helped many patients along a journey of renewal. A twist of fate led him to CU Denver and a second life of his own, with a new career and a lasting legacy at the university.
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  • A crowd of students seated at round tables dressed in business attire looking toward the same direction.

    Appreciating an Investment in the Future

    Mar 9, 2024 by Jackson Campbell
    Given the large number of first-generation and non-traditional students at CU Denver, scholarships serve as a source of significant support and motivation to persevere. When acknowledging the importance of scholarships, it is necessary to recognize two parties — the deserving students receiving the scholarships and the generous donors who make these awards possible. On February 23, the CU Denver Business school held its 10th annual scholarship luncheon as a dedicated thank-you to both of these parties.
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  • Audrey Whitesell speaking to a crowd of CU Denver supporters during the 2023 Donor Celebration event at Coohills.

    CU Denver Celebrates its Donors and their Impact

    Oct 6, 2023
    More than 120 people, including donors, CU and campus leadership, faculty, staff, and students gathered on October 5 for CU Denver’s Donor Celebration. This annual event provides an opportunity for the university to thank many of its generous supporters and highlight the impact their philanthropy makes on our campus.
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