SPARK Fellows benefit from world-class counsel from industry advisors and academic experts who work closely with them to provide the knowledge necessary to move projects from bench to bedside.

Why participate in SPARK? Selected fellows will receive education, mentorship, and funding for promising product proposals. The program is open to professors, clinicians, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students with an innovative technology that has the potential to make clinical impacts.

  • Mentorship: Teams will have access to their own team of expert advisors with experience in biotech, startups, law, commercialization, etc.
  • Education: Fellows attend bi-weekly educational seminars and will include a variety of topics in research, science, and business development.
  • Advising: SPARK provides scholars with access to all core facilities and industry partnerships including investors and licensing partners.
  • Funding: $100,000 award over two years for novel therapeutics, devices, and diagnostics for unmet medical needs. Funds are released based on teams completing milestones.         

Selected SPARK Fellows attend bi-weekly educational meetings with mentors, industry experts, and research advisers to discuss topics ranging from intellectual property protection to FDA regulations, business development to research strategies. These dialogues are designed to promote knowledge of transnational biology and how to get your technologies into the lives of patients fast.

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Industry advisors provide invaluable mentoring & support to SPARK Fellows.


The union between industry and university partners forms the Core of the SPARK Program. SPARK connects industry partners with academic collaborators and is a source for promising projects that may be developed into novel therapeutics, medical devices, or diagnostics.

Mentors: We are endowed with tenacious, experienced, and highly talented local and national industry executives as our mentors. They provide ad hoc advice and share their wisdom with the SPARK teams. They mostly engage teams during educational seminars but frequently will provide mentorship in between seminars. 

  • Provide feedback on our current projects
  • Aid in the selection of new projects
  • At times, mentor specific projects on a one-on-one basis
  • Can facilitate advancement of projects by introductions to potential partners, or in some cases form companies around selected assets

Advisors: Our industry advisors counsel SPARK Fellows on product development, clinical care, and business. They help prepare participants for careers in the commercial sector that link fundamental research to important new therapies. Advisors engage with teams on a more consistent basis and hold teams accountable for meeting milestones. 

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For our industry partners, there are numerous SPARK projects open for partnering and business opportunities.

The SPARK Program is designed around commercialization. Over 10 years at Stanford University, almost 60% of SPARK projects have either made it to the clinic, have been licensed to a partner, or have become startup companies. By the end of the inaugural SPARK cohort, CU Anschutz will have projects ready to engage with investors and licensees.

SPARK Success Pie Chart

Source: Stanford University

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