Frequently Asked QuestionsRaCAS Group

What types of research, creative, and other scholarly activities are presented at the Symposium?

We invite student presentations from all academic disciplines within the University from both undergraduate and graduate students. Students must be working under the guidance of a mentor on their scholarly activity. Senior and master's theses, capstone projects, dissertations, original art, performances, media presentations, independent study projects and some internship activities are good examples of the type of student projects presented at the Symposium.

Is the Symposium open to the arts, humanities, and social sciences?

Yes, absolutely! RaCAS is not a Science Fair! We encourage all types of visual, performing, media and recording artists to submit applications. Past presentations have included sculpture, photography, live and recorded music, literary readings, and film.

Can only CU Denver students participate?

Only currently CU Denver students from the Denver Campus or Anschutz Medical Campus may apply for this event. If you have recently graduated, you may present a research or creative project that you completed while you were a CU Denver student.

Do I need to be a UROP grant recipient to apply for this event?

No. All students currently doing research, creative or entrepreneurial projects in conjunction with a faculty mentor are encouraged to apply.

Are UROP grant recipients required to participate in the Symposium?

Yes. All UROP recipients are required to participate in the Symposium as part of their award responsibilities.

Can I present scholarly activities that I did with a faculty mentor who is not from CU Denver?

Yes, scholarly activities conducted as part of an internship, service learning, or study abroad may be presented, for example.

I am still in the early stages of my project. Can I still apply?

Yes. You do not need to have completed your activity to be considered. Projects that are in progress may be presented as part of the Symposium and are encouraged.

I am working on two different projects. Can I apply to present both of them?

Yes. It is not unusual for students to be involved in two or more group projects where they are co-presenter. However, it is best to be the lead on one presentation only, as you will be expected to discuss your project with viewers.

I am not sure what to include in an abstract. How do I get started?

Click on Guidelines for Presenters for information about writing an abstract. Also, take a look at the Past Events which will give you a variety of examples of student projects and abstracts. Faculty mentors must review their student's abstract before submission.

Who reviews the abstracts and determines who will be able to participate?

While abstracts will be reviewed it is anticipated that most, if not all, will be accepted. 

When will I find out if my abstract has been accepted?

Unless you hear otherwise, you can assume that your abstract has been accepted.  However, you will recieve confirmation and details of the event one week before RaCAS.

Can I invite friends, family, and other faculty?

Your family and friends are welcome to attend the entire event including the keynote speaker, general session, student exhibits, reception and awards ceremony.