Join us in supporting CU Denver students


Chancellor Horrell with MiloEach year, CU Denver’s graduating classes represent more than 3,000 success stories. Our students come to us from many backgrounds and points in their lives, and they entrust us with their dreams.

We are, in fact, the most diverse research university in the State of Colorado, and this creates a ripple effect when our graduates live out their aspirations as valued employees, innovative entrepreneurs, and effective public leaders. As they put their many and varied experiences and perspectives to work for our communities, we all benefit.

We are committed to ensuring that in return for their time, talent and effort, our students are afforded a clear and rewarding path to graduation. That’s why elevating student success remains at the heart of everything we do at the University of Colorado Denver.

Increasing scholarship support is one of the most effective and direct measures we can take to achieve this, because in so many cases it’s not a lack of ambition that prevents students from graduating, it’s simply a lack of resources.

By supporting scholarships at CU Denver through LYNX UP, you provide those resources. You create opportunities and avenues for success. We’d like you to join us in demonstrating our support of CU Denver students; please consider making a gift today.

Every gift, like every student, makes a difference.

Thank you.

Dorothy A. Horrell, PhD