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New Small Dollar Contract Request Form is now Live!

The new Small Dollar Contract Request Form is now live in CU Marketplace.  This form streamlines the small dollar contract process into one dedicated submission form for all small dollar procurement contracts of $10,000 or less.  It eliminates the need to email one of the various procurement inboxes or purchasing agent, consolidates all communications regarding these contracts within Marketplace, and allows the PSC to balance workloads to improve processing times.  The form can be found in CU Marketplace and allows more visibility into the contract workflow process and contract status. 

Important Notes:

  • Only those that have the Requestor role in Marketplace will be able to submit small dollar contracts through this process.
  • Form submission means that your small dollar contract form has been sent to the appropriate purchasing agent for review and processing, but has not yet been fully executed.
  • The purchasing agent will confirm with you once the contract has been executed.
  • If you need a requisition for the purchase, you will still need to enter the requisition separately.

Details and Resources

Our primary Procurement system is CU Marketplace. It is used to procure and pay virtually any type of vendor, supplier or individual (except for CU employees). 

Please check Marketplace prior to using a university procurement card.  

We recommend Marketplace first because of the following: 

  • Guaranteed tax exemption
  • Price agreements (cost savings)
  • Vendor preference – check payments  

In order to process payments, you will need to hold a shopper or requester role.  


Prior to submitting a requisition or payment, suppliers must register through the CU Supplier Portal. The request is initiated by the individual department through Marketplace: 
Suppliers> Requests> Request New Supplier 

You must know the Supplier Name, Address, Email, and Phone Number.

CU Catalog

Catalogued suppliers that are already in CU Marketplace 

Purchasing and Payment Forms

Need to make changes to or close your Purchase Order?

Send a detailed email to   
Update: PO was entered, but total comes out to less or more than the original quote.
Speedtype is incorrect (IF the payment has not been issued yet).
Close: Goods and services are complete, but there is still an outstanding balance on your PO

Once goods and services are fully rendered

1. Receiving is required - Punch-out catalog orders automatically receive in Marketplace. Please be sure to still verify that the order is fulfilled. 
POs and SPOs must be received manually in Marketplace by creating a quantity receipt.
2. Authorize Payment by submitting invoice to 
a. Include the PO # on the invoice and email subject line