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Welcome to the HR and Finance Toolbox. We have designed this site to support all fiscal staff and managers in carrying out their daily tasks. This site will provide you with general HR and Finance resources. We hope that you find this site useful and will provide us with feedback on ways we can improve this resource. Please email​ with any suggestions.​

Hot Topics

Concur Per Diem Rates

The Concur’s per diem issue that occurred last week 9/19-9/23 has been resolved. Please go to this webpage to get more information.

If you encounter additional per diem issues, please contact the PSC Service Desk at or at 303-837-2161.

PSC Emergency Procurement Declaration

The Procurement Service Center has issued an Emergency Procurement Declaration. Under this declaration, mandatory bid requirements for goods up to $50,000 and services up to $150,000 are temporarily suspended (read more).

Meet the Team

Bernadette Boe

Senior HR and Finance Coordinator

Mercy Booth

Student Employment Manager

Joshua Jarecke

Finance and Compliance Accountant

Joe Lasky

Contract and Grants Specialists

Felicia Martin

Associate Director of Finance and Administration

Katrina Nicholson

HR Senior Professional