Manual Entries

Manual Entries is the process in HCM to upload regular earnings and one time pay that was missed or incorrect:

Begin with: CU Time Collections-> CU Employee Reported Time-> Find Existing Value (Earning Begin Date and Earning End date, enter EID, Empl Record & search)

If no earning date exists, click add a new value but creating a new entry.

Off Cycles are for missed payments and timesheets, correcting time, reviewing any past adjustments and catch-up pay and other pay that can’t wait for the regular payroll.

If the off-cycle box is not selected, the entry will load only to a regular payroll (monthly or biweekly, depending on the pay group the employee is in). If the box is selected, the entry will be available for either regular or off-cycle payroll.

Employee ID
Earnings Begin and End dates
Department ID
Employee Record

LTS (Late timesheet Submission): Entering late pay into CU Time for an hourly student employee rather than STH ( Student Hourly). Pay is considered late if the pay period has already been processed by Employee Services.