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CU Denver | Anschutz Postdoctoral Alumni Profiles

My postdoctoral experience provided me with the opportunity to perform contract work on behalf of major pharmaceutical companies in order to test the purity, quality, and formulation of drug products.
- Yianna Antonopoulos, PhD
I think my postdoc gave me the perspective I needed to see a path forward in research. Although I was already adept at experimental techniques and data analysis, it helped me to understand that I had more options available than just a career in academic research.
- Maneesh Kumar, PhD
Hannah Hathaway
“During my postdoc, I vastly expanded my portfolio in teaching and mentoring, and my participation with the Postdoctoral Association gave me an incredible amount of experience in public speaking, time management, project management, leadership, and networking.”
- Hannah Hathaway, PhD
The variety of resources outside of the lab helped me to learn that there are more opportunities than the academic route. The Graduate School workshops and other resources allowed me to educate myself on what the right career path is for me.
- Paige Cooper, PhD
I think being at CU helped me to clarify what I want my career path to be. I was exposed to the benefits and the challenges of working in a school of medicine, which was a great experience.
- Sarah Farabi, PhD
My postdoctoral training both honed my existing skills and helped develop a stronger understanding of what I want to do for a career. I also gained an incredible amount of practical, theoretical, and scientific experience that is undoubtedly useful in my day-to-day functions as a cardiovascular and metabolic diseases MSL with AstraZeneca.
- Joshua St. Clair, PhD
Roger Paxton
“My training at the Anschutz campus allowed me to make my research a reality. In essence, it helped me to better formulate research strategies from the high level, to the "nuts and bolts" mechanics.”
- Roger Paxton, PhD
Charmion Cruickshank-Quinn
“My postdoc allowed me to improve my conflict resolution, patience, leadership skills, management skills, scientific knowledge, and independence. These are not just lab skills but also life skills."
- Charmion Cruickshank-Quinn, PhD

Chat with a CU Alum

A number of our alumni are happy to answer any questions you might have. Please reach out to the Postdoc Office if you'd like to be put in touch with any of our alumni, including the people listed below.

  • Michael Gordon, PhD: Medical Science Liaison
  • Allison Sang, PhD: Scientist
  • Philip Spear, PhD: Senior Research Scientist
  • Tim Sannes, PhD: Assistsant Professor
  • Lora Wilson, PhD: Oncology Field Medical Director