PDO COVID-19 Letter and Resources


This is clearly an unprecedented time in all of our lives. Given the rapidly changing situation and uncertainty about how this outbreak will unfold, it is natural and normal if you feel a greater amount of stress and anxiety than usual. View this page for some resources that might be helpful for you to maintain your personal and professional wellbeing.


We understand that the majority of you are eager to resume progress on your research projects. We are also aware that the transition back to in-person research may be complicated and/or concerning for some of you. If you have concerns about your required resumption of in-person research activities, we encourage you to discuss these with your faculty advisor or to let us know here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions or concerns – we're here to support you.


Sincerely, Bruce 

Assistant Dean and Director, Postdoctoral Office


We support you

Postdoctoral fellows are vital members of the university and some of the primary drivers of research innovation.