Academic Technology

Academic Technology is a department within the Office of Information Technology (OIT) that consults with academic audiences within the institution on their curricular and research technology needs. 

Our catalog of services provides details regarding the tools, techniques, and services available to faculty, students and staff at CU Denver and CU Anschutz. However, in general, the Academic Technology team can: 

  • Consult, advise, and train on the use of software in our catalog
  • Collaborate on best practices for teaching with digital tools
  • Partner with faculty, schools, colleges, and departments on implementing innovative ideas in digital pedagogy
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The Academic Technology Applications and Design team is working on the following projects during the 2021 - 2022 academic year.

Canvas Roadmap Implementation - After listening to feedback from key constituents, a roadmap was created to improve the product and services associated with Canvas. Fourteen key areas were identified and will be worked on during the 2021 - 2022 academic year. See additional tabs for more information. 

Techsmith Knowmia Replacement - Techsmith has discontinued the Knowmia product. Our current contract expires June 30, 2022. A search will begin to find a replacement product and develop a migration plan.

Hypothesis Pilot - OIT and Thinqstudio have been partnering on a Hypothesis pilot. Hypothesis is a social annotation tool embedded into Canvas and allows you and your students to make reading more active, visible and more social! This pilot is open to all faculty.

Blackboard Ally Adoption and Rollout - Blackboard Ally is a tool provided by OIT and integrated into Canvas to assist in improving the accessibility of your course and course content. We are working with key groups on campus on a larger adoption and rollout plan.

Canvas Enrollment Provisioning Project - OIT will be updating the enrollment provisioning process from CUSIS to Canvas. Enhancements will include more accurate rosters based on CUSIS and quicker provisioning of users (within 5 minutes of CUSIS activity).

Namecoach Implementation - Namecoach is software designed to increase inclusion and belonging. Namecoach will be available to students, faculty, and student-facing staff within Canvas and eventually within CUSIS. 

Academic Technology is working on nine priorities this year. Additional details and timelines for completion can be found in the links below.

Presentation Updates

July 1st 2021: Academic Technology Canvas Roadmap
October 1st 2021: Academic Technology Canvas Roadmap (Q4 Update)


Admin: Upgrades: Pilots and/or recommendations for additional software, processes, and features in Canvas. 

Course Design Resources: Our Course Design Resource will organize access to pedagogy related training for staff and faculty in one unified repository.

Gradebook Push Project: Explore the possibility of pushing final grades from Canvas to CUSIS.

Guides: Our calendar for this year includes development of new guides with consistent formatting. The Level One Guides will include simple, one-page quick-reference guides for common operations in Canvas for both students and faculty, including third-party tools. The second level of guides will include advanced operations and troubleshooting for less common events and activities in Canvas or general online learning, including third-party tools. The third level of guides will include high-level course design concepts, pedagogical approaches with specific Canvas tools, and the most complex of Canvas troubleshooting procedures, including third-party tools. 

Partnerships: OIT and Academic Technology are committed to Shared Governance. We are making a concerted effort to foster transparency and create partnerships across departments.

Role Audit Project: In the process of building custom roles in Canvas, we have created some that have overlapping permissions. At the same time, other roles have permissions they don’t need or don’t have the permissions they require. By doing a complete audit on all existing roles and permissions in Canvas, we can take inventory on where we are, and determine the most streamlined and effective way to ensure maximum security and functionality for all users. 

Archiving Project: An administrative initiative to archive courses and users. Keeping Canvas tidy improves search speed and effectiveness.

Service Desk Training: We are committed to empowering our OIT Service Desk with the information, resources, and tools they need to be as helpful as possible with Canvas service requests.

Canvas Data Project: With the upcoming release of Canvas Data 2.0, we will have more powerful tools for analyzing data stored in Canvas. Alongside this upgrade, we will be developing school-specific dashboards for colleges wishing to customize their insights in a way that best serves the interests of students and faculty.