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Last year, Chancellor Elliman shared his vision to strategically align the Anschutz Medical Campus with a clearly-defined health-based mission, building a foundation for renewed branding and marketing efforts for the Anschutz campus. The CU Anschutz Project team is implementing a domain name transition to “” in preparation for the more focused branding as a research and clinical campus.

This change will affect email addresses and websites for CU Anschutz faculty, staff, students and programs, as well as those who serve both the Anschutz and Denver campuses. Because the campuses have different academic and research purposes, each campus will benefit from a branded identity that focuses on each campus' uniqueness. A specific email and website identity helps support the Anschutz Medical Campus strategic priority to increase regional and national marketing efforts.

We have a wonderful story to tell and it gets better every day. The shift to "" brings us one step - and to my mind a rather large step - closer to telling that story, with each email we send and each web page we manage.

Chancellor Elliman

How does this project benefit faculty, staff and students?

Separate brand identities will help better showcase and strengthen each campus' unique priorities and stories. A new domain:

  • Enables the Anschutz Medical Campus to work more strategically and achieve a greater impact and reputational lift from branding directly associated with the campus
  • Allows students, faculty, and staff to have an email address associated with their campus identification
  • Means the Anschutz Campus will have campus identity URL’s associated with the campus' public web space

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Chancellor's Communique - April 2019

Chancellor's Communique - Sept 2018

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