CU Secure – Our campuses’ multi-level initiative to make your data more secure!

Cyber criminals are getting more skilled with mining data that isn’t theirs. OIT is introducing improved security on our systems and your data to help keep these criminals locked out.

We’re doing this by implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on four key systems. These are:

  1. VPN remote access (goes first)
  2. VDI remote desktop
  3. UCD Access Portal
  4. Office 365

MFA is something you may already be very familiar with! You use it when you change your direct deposit or personal information on the UCD Access CU Resources tab. You also see it when logging into your bank and many other secured sites.

For us, MFA involves something you know (your password), something you have (your computing device or phone) and somewhere you are (on or off campus).

Watch OIT’s newsletter, service impacting projects webpage, and other communications for additional information about CU Secure and what you need to do!

Call to action! Want to represent your organization and help OIT test the changes? Email and we’ll reach out when we’re ready!

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