CU Anschutz campus is getting a unique identity, with new email and web addresses and more

OIT provides shared technology services to our CU Denver and CU Anschutz campuses. The diverse missions of these campuses ensure that we are always supporting innovative and interesting projects that align with their unique character.

Chancellor Elliman requested OIT’s assistance with supporting CU Anschutz’s unique clinical and research focus through branding and marketing distinct from CU Denver’s unique focus. Beginning in a rolling fashion early 2019, OIT will partner with your schools, colleges and departments to move student, faculty and staff email to Our Web Services team is working concurrently with your web teams to create websites that align with CU Anschutz’s new brand. Please note that these changes may not go-live at the same time. 

Am I impacted by the email domain change?

If your primary location is on the CU Anschutz campus, your email domain name will change to Students, faculty and staff whose primary location is on the CU Denver campus or South Denver campus will retain the email address.

We will provide additional information about how to prepare for the email and website changes as we move closer to roll out. It is important to review communication from Chancellor Elliman, your school, college, and department, and OIT about the changes to ensure you are ready to go. Additionally, OIT will coordinate with your school, college, or department to help minimize disruption.

Why is this change happening?

There are several important reasons for this change, including:

  • The CU Denver and CU Anschutz campuses have differing academic and research purposes. Each campus will benefit from a branded identity that focuses on their uniqueness.
    • Having its own email identity will help distinguish CU Anschutz globally as a research and clinical campus.
    • CU Denver will be able to focus on its identity as a modern and creative urban campus.
  • Having their own specific email identity supports our campuses’ strategic priorities by making it easier to find and interact with each campus. For CU Anschutz specifically, this change supports the strategic priority to “increase regional and national marketing efforts.”

CU Anschutz Strategic Priorities

CU Denver Strategic Priorities

What’s next?

OIT is partnering with Chancellor Elliman, the Regents and each campus organization to determine the appropriate timing for the email project and website project. The website transition schedule will be posted on by the end of next month. A project page will be available soon providing important information about the email change.

Do you have questions about these projects? Please contact OIT’s Office of Organizational Change Management at 

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