Sexual Misconduct, Intimate Partner Abuse, & Stalking

The Sexual Misconduct, Intimate Partner Abuse, and Stalking Policy (Sexual Misconduct Policy) is designed to ensure equal access to the academic and professional experiences at the University of Colorado. This policy defines prohibited conduct and reporting obligations, as well as campus support services for involved parties. 

To foster a climate that encourages prevention and reporting of sexual misconduct, the University will engage in prevention efforts, educate the community, respond to all reports promptly, provide reasonable interim protection measures when necessary to maintain the safety of the University environment, and recognize the inherent dignity of all individuals involved. The University is committed to providing resources to ensure anyone who may have been the target of or may have experienced sexual misconduct, in the context of University educational programs, activities or employment, feels free report their concerns without fear of retaliation.

Anyone who encounters an issue or seeks guidance related to this policy should consult with the Office of Equity. University employees who are mandatory reporters (responsible employees) must promptly report sexual misconduct as further outlined in the policy.

 Sexual misconduct includes the following:

Why do we have this policy?

This policy and the required campus complaint process and procedures are intended to comply with the requirements of the following federal laws, their implementing regulations and related federal agency guidance, as well as relevant state laws and the Laws of the Regents: