Reporting to the Office of Equity

The Office of Equity (OE) was created to realize our CU Denver | CU Anschutz community’s commitment to preventing and eliminating discrimination and harassment, all forms of sexual misconduct, and/or any related retaliation. To support the vision of the University, the OE has implemented solutions unique to our campuses and to our educational community in order to provide the opportunity of a quality educational experience. We work to reduce obstacles and work with others to foster an environment that is welcoming to all of our community members.

The purpose of reporting is to ensure safety, prevent further harm, offer support resources, understand the scope of the problem, and determine options for resolution. Even if an individual chooses not to move forward or participate in our University process and/or another reporting process outside the University, they can reach out to the OE to receive assistance with support measures and referrals to appropriate resources.

If an individual discloses alleged misconduct to a CU employee who is a responsible employee (mandatory reporter), these individuals are required to inform the OE. 

Review the OE's reporting and resolution options in full related to each specific policy here.