About Our Team

Welcome! We are the Office of Digital Education’s Instructional Design and Program Development team.

We are a team of passionate educators who dream, discover and design incredible learning experiences with our faculty and students. Our team includes experts in instructional design, training, media development, academic technology and online program development. We partner with faculty through the full design and redesign of online curricula and courses, pairing our unique experiences and expertise with those of our incredible faculty.

We hope you will join us in this collaborative and exciting work!


Meet our team


Instructional Design


Course Consultations

The Instructional Design and Program Development team offers course consultations for small-scale design questions, such as writing or revising discussion questions, ideas for diversifying assignments or doing a basic review of the online course structure. If you are new to working with an instructional designer or consultant, this is a great way to connect with our team and make some targeted improvements to your course.


Collaborative Course Mapping 

Collaborative course mapping is our design approach for working with you on a redesign or new design of a fully online course. We believe that instructional design is best when combining our team's expertise with your knowledge and experience as a faculty member. This approach to course design is comprehensive and takes place over a short series of meetings to map out and design or redesign your course.


Program Design

Our Instructional Design and Program Development team offers program design services when schools, colleges and departments want to redesign an existing online program, move a face-to-face program online or develop a brand new online program. If you or your department are looking for partnership for any of these options, please reach out and connect.

Meet Our Team

Instructional Design and Program Development

Headshot of Jason Drysdale

Jason Drysdale, Ed.D.

Director of Instructional Design
and Program Development


Headshot of Sarah North

Sarah North, Ph.D.

Sr. Instructional Designer


Headshot of Lynee Sanute

Lynee Sanute

Sr. Instructional Designer


Headshot of Lainie Hoffman

Lainie Hoffman

Sr. Instructional Designer


Headshot of Kim Penoyer

Kim Penoyer

Manager, Online Program Development


Headshot of Amy Arnold

Amy Arnold

Sr. Instructional Consultant


Headshot of Bradon Lewis

Bradon Lewis

Sr. Instructional Consultant


Heeadshot of Susan Law

Susan Laws

Instructional Designer


Headshot of Alexis Terrell

Alexis Terrell

Instructional Designer


Headshot of Nicole Dayney

Nicole Dayney

Training Coordinator


Jill Giacomini

Jill Giacomini

Instructional Designer


Program Evaluation

Headshot of Jeremy Lingle

Jeremy Lingle, Ph.D.

Sr. Director of Program Evaluation



Charlene Barrientos Ortiz

Community Engagement Lead