Masters Programs

The master’s degree program utilizes a distinctive hybrid format, combining eight online courses-or traditional classroom courses, for Colorado residents-and four specialized Program on Gender-Based Violence (PGV) courses.

Program Structure

The four PGV courses are offered in an ongoing rotation, with one course each fall and spring semester. You may begin the program at any place in the rotation.

Our hybrid courses allow you the flexibility of combining in-person sessions with online learning. Each PGV course begins with a five day, face-to-face, intensive class session in Denver, CO and finishes up online. Students enter the program as a cohort, building a personal and professional network to rely on throughout their studies and into their career.

The length of time it takes to complete the program varies depending on the amount of core classes you choose each semester.

PGV faculty and lecturers are highly regarded scholars, researchers and practitioners in the field, and bring expertise in:

  • Public and Nonprofit Management
  • Criminal and Social Justice
  • Women’s Studies
  • Sociology
  • Policy
  • Law


Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in Gender-Based Violence (MPA-PGV)

This degree focuses on organizational management and public policy, learning best practices for helping service organizations integrate grassroots social justice work with good administrative practice.

We will prepare you to manage organizational operations, advocate for change in policy and law and advance understanding of the factors that perpetuate violence.

The MPA-PGV uses an interdisciplinary approach to provide students with the ability to:

  • Lead and manage public, non-profit and community-based organizations focused on gender-based violence
  • Engage diverse individuals, systems and communities to address gender-based violence
  • Analyze, synthesize and think critically about the nature, scope and root causes of gender-based violence
  • Advocate for public policies and practices that effectively address gender-based violence

Masters of Criminal Justice with a concentration in Gender-Based Violence (MCJ-PGV) 

Gain an interdisciplinary perspective on crime and the formulation of laws and codes, criminology, the criminal justice system, and women and violence.

This degree will strenghten your knowledge of the criminal legal system's response to domestic and sexual violence, human trafficking and stalking, familiarizing you with related policies and services.


Accelerate your career path into areas such as:

  • Advocacy
  • Police Administration
  • Health Care
  • Probation and Parole
  • Data Analysis
  • Rehabilitation
  • Education
  • Bureaucratic Positions in local, state and federal agencies

Degree Plan

36 credit hours

  • Seven core courses
  • Four hybrid PGV courses
    • Nature and Scope of Interpersonal Violence
    • Psychology of Interpersonal Violence
    • Interpersonal Violence Law and Public Policy
    • Leadership, Advocacy and Social Change
  • A capstone project
  • An internship may be required is the student does not have a year or more of pertinent experience in the field.


PGV Courses

Concentration courses for the PGV are:


Are You Ready to Join Us?

You will be admitted to the degree program before being admitted to the PGV, and you must adhere to all master degree program requirements. All applicants are required to meet with Program Director Barbara Paradiso to discuss the unique nature of the concentration’s content, cohort structure and scheduling.

Apply and enroll today at the University of Colorado Denver's School of Public Affairs