A New Chapter for Assistive Technology Partners

Assistive Technology Partners (ATP) began in 1989 when Colorado was chosen as one of the first nine states to receive Federal funding from the Technology Related Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities and the Elderly Act. From this beginning, ATP has grown from a single project to a multi-faceted program encompassing research, engineering, industry, academics, clinical services and worldwide community engagement.  Over the past three decades, inclusive engineering has made significant advancements to improve the quality of people’s lives in a variety of ways—including the lives of persons who have, or are aging into, disabilities.

Becoming the Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering (CIDE) is a natural next step, reflecting  our growth and continued commitment to driving innovation in the field of inclusive, assistive and health technologies. CIDE is an applied interdisciplinary and human-focused innovation center for engineers, students, clinicians, consumers and entrepreneurs, with our academic home in the Department of Bioengineering. The center creates opportunities for stakeholders to address the myriad challenges experienced by those living with disabilities through technology. Please join us.

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Programs and Services

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Research Initiatives and Projects

CIDE's research infrastructure supports innovations in healthy living through technology, inclusive environments, independence, empowerment and community participation. 

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Degree Programs and Training

CIDE's Assistive Technology track within the Department of Bioengineering provides students first hand opportunities to learn, research, and develop state-of-the-art technologies to improve human function. 

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Services and Community Programs

CIDE provides specialty AT services to individuals of all ages, accessibility and usability consulting to business and organizations, and community oriented programs focusing on assistive technology.

News & Stories

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Events & Announcements

CIDE to Present at the Oceania Seating Symposium 2019

| 10:30 PM - 01:30 AM
Cost/fee: Paid Registration - see site for details

Kelly Waugh from CIDE presents:

A Biomechanical Approach to Managing Abnormal Postures of the Head and Neck. 
In this presentation, several common abnormal postures of the head and neck are analyzed using a biomechanical approach, including the forward head posture, persistent neck flexion, full neck extension and lateral tilt of the head.

Body Segment Angles: The key to Understanding Postural Deviations in the Sagittal Plane.  
In this presentation, Ms. Waugh delves deep into the distinctions between the relative and absolute body segment angles of the trunk, pelvis and thigh, and how these angles relate to typical postures of the spine and pelvis such as kyphosis, lordosis, and posterior or anterior pelvic tilt.

Body, Seating and Frame Measurements from Assessment to Delivery.   
This 3 hour course aims to improve the quality and efficiency of the wheelchair service delivery process through the accurate use and application of standardized linear and angular measures of the body, seating system and wheelchair frame. Using the structure of the wheelchair service delivery process, from assessment to product preparation to delivery and follow-up, we will discuss when and why measures are taken, and how to translate them from the body, to seating system, and to the wheelchair frame in a final prescription.

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