From the Directors

Center of NeuroScience


Welcome to the Center for NeuroScience (CNS)!


We have been actively building the infrastructure needed to launch the Center and are excited to offer membership to neuroscientists across the campus. Neuroscience research makes a key contribution to the CU School of Medicine’s ranking among the top research schools in the U.S.  A conservative estimate shows that Neuroscience contributes more than 15% of the NIH funded grant support to the SOM and neuroscience grants make up 30% of the total number of NIH awards to our campus. A major goal of the CNS is to encourage growth of translational research in the neurosciences by fostering interactions between neuroscientists engaged in both basic and clinical research.


In an effort to enhance Neuroscience at the SOM the CNS will initially focus on the following major areas:  Education, Translational

Research, and Outreach. CNS resources will:

  • Foster excellence in neuroscience through graduate education;
  • Catalyze translational neuroscience research through symposia, small grant opportunities and funding for research cores;
  • Facilitate transfer of knowledge from bench to bed and vice versa through augmented interactions with the Colorado Clinical Translational Science Institute (CCTSI) and promoting  activities which encourage integration between clinical and basic scientists engaged in neuroscience research
  • Raise community awareness of and philanthropic support for clinical and basic science Neuroscience in the School of Medicine, establishing  “Friends of the CNS”, a group of influential community partners who are interested in supporting our mission, and fostering fundraising for research in Neuroscience


We appreciate your support of these endeavors and encourage all to participate in the success of the Center for NeuroScience.