Listening and Learning

I plan to spend my first 100 days as chancellor meeting and listening to as many people as I can, so together we can refine a vision for the future of CU Denver. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, employers, donors, partners, and other members of the Denver community are invited to share their perspectives either in virtual meetings or through a feedback form.

I want to understand your perspective on the university’s values, culture, programs, partnerships, what’s working well, and what can be improved. 

The first 10 days of listening—July 1 through 10—will focus on equity, with a particular emphasis on racial justice. After that the discussion will be broadened to topics of your choice. 

In October, at the end of 100 days, I will report back to you on what I’ve learned.

“CU Denver must be a central player in building capacity for communities, families, and individuals to advance themselves and to confront their problems in unique, locally-resourced ways.”

– Equity and Racial Justice Listening Session Participant, July 2020

Weekly Highlights

Snapshots of my recent activity around campus.

Touring CU Anschutz with Chancellor Elliman

Week 4.1: Really enjoyed learning more about the work and research happening at CU Anschutz. Looking forward to greater and deeper partnerships!

Touring CU Boulder with Chancellor DiStefano

Week 4.2: Had a wonderful day visiting the CU Boulder campus with Chancellor DiStefano. Grateful to have such amazing colleagues across the CU System!

Visiting UCCS with Chancellor Reddy

Week 3: Had a great time touring UCCS with Chancellor Venkat Reddy. What a beautiful campus overlooking Pikes Peak!

Meeting Jake Jabs, Legend & Philanthropist

Week 2: Toured American Furniture Warehouse with Jake Jabs, a longtime and major supporter of CU Denver!

First Day at CU Denver

Week 1: Had a beautiful walk to work on my first day—was sure to mask up before going into the office!

Charging Up My Lynx Spirit with Milo

Week 0: Toured the Student Wellness Center with Milo and took a few photos with the city in the background. What a fantastic view of downtown Denver!